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New England Association of Schools and Colleges
Commission on Institutions of Higher Education
3 Burlington Woods Drive, Suite 100
Burlington MA 01803-4514

Dear Commissioner:

We are contingent faculty from across Massachusetts and we are writing to ask that you reconsider significant changes made in the most recent draft of the accreditation standards for New England colleges and universities. These changes undermine current best practices and standards and will dramatically, and negatively, affect faculty throughout the region — especially part-time, adjunct and contingent faculty.

Like academic freedom, faculty job security and stability are integral to students’ learning and academic success. Students fare better when they can plan their academic careers, which means that they know what courses will be offered in upcoming semesters and which faculty will be teaching those classes. Students fare better when their faculty can focus on the course material at hand rather than worrying about how and where to find their next teaching assignment. Students fare better when their faculty do not fear retribution for the content and methods of their instruction. Students fare better when their faculty’s voices are heard, and valued, because all faculty — whether tenured, full-time, part-time or adjunct — have first-hand knowledge of, and experience in, the determinants of student success.

We are contingent faculty who already face difficult working conditions. Most of us have to be re-hired every semester, or every year, with no guarantee from one appointment to the next. We have little to no access to substantial and equitable professional development opportunities, and have virtually no voice in the larger governance of our institutions. Many of us have been working in these conditions for five, ten, fifteen and even twenty years. Over the past 3 years many of us have also formed unions to improve teaching and learning at our own school. The accreditation standards recently proposed undermine the work we are doing to improve higher education — work that we feel should be carried out with NEASC, not in opposition to it.

We invite you to join us in creating a better working environment for teachers and better classroom experiences for our students. Uphold the standard that colleges and universities should provide reasonable contractual security for all faculty. Uphold the standard that academic freedom is protected and fostered for all faculty, regardless of rank or term of appointment. Uphold and enforce the standard that all faculty deserve substantial and equitable opportunities for professional development and don’t take away our voice in institutional governance.

And finally, use us as your resources: as contingent faculty, we make up nearly 60% of the faculty at Massachusetts colleges and universities. Tens of thousands of students come through our classrooms every semester. We look forward to using our frontline expertise in higher education to make valuable and necessary contributions to the drafting of the NEASC’s final accreditation standards.

Sincerely (in order by school and last name),

Ian Breen, American International College
Betsy Marino, American International College
Hank Morelli, American International College and Central Connecticut State University
Lori Paige, American International College
Melanie Riddle, American International College
Robin Varnum, American International College
Robert Doran, Amherst College
Judith Frank, Amherst College
Amity Gaige, Amherst College
Frederick Griffiths, Amherst College
James Maraniss, Amherst College
Klara Moricz, Amherst College
Barry O'Connell, Amherst College
Dale Peterson, Amherst College
Jean Desto, Anna Maria College and Becker College
Ann Marie Mires, Anna Maria College and Bay Path University
Virginia Kimball, Assumption College
Alison Myette, Assumption College
Chieko Nakajiam, Assumption College
Cinzia Pica-Smith, Assumption College
Elisabeth Solbakken, Assumption College, College of the Holy Cross and Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Danielle Krcmar, Babson College
Shawn Reeves, Babson College
Princy Quadros Mennella, Bay Path College
John Woodruff, Bay Path College
John Deitrick, Becker College
Paul Kirby, Becker College and Assumption College
Robin Laurens, Becker College
Stephen Porcaro, Becker College, Quinsigamond Community College and Worcester State University
Robert Shapiro, Becker College
Susan Zendzian, Becker College
Traci Abbott, Bentley University
Robert Ackert, Bentley University
Chris Dale, Bentley University
Greg Farber, Bentley University
Thomas Finn, Bentley University
Robert Gallagher, Bentley University and Wheelock College
Eric Graber, Bentley University
Julia Hans, Bentley University
Curtis Holland, Bentley University and Boston University
Thomas Johnson, Bentley University
Doug Kierdorf, Bentley University
Barbara Nash, Bentley University
Chuck Saccardo, Bentley University
Aimée Sands, Bentley University and Suffolk University
Clarissa Sawyer, Bentley University
George Seeley, Bentley University
Jonathan Todd, Bentley University
Jeff Adelberg, Boston College, Brandeis University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jim Bright, Boston College
Julie Canfield, Boston College
Rebecca Dunn, Boston College
Lori Harrison-Kahan, Boston College
Khalid Kodi, Boston College
Eileen Kranz, Boston College
Ronna Krozy, Boston College
Davonna Ledet, Boston College
Ursula Mangoubi, Boston College and Boston University
Susan Monsky, Boston College
Antonio Ochoa, Boston College and Boston University
Prasannan Parthasarathi, Boston College
Robert Reed, Boston College
Margaret Schatkin, Boston College
Alexa Veenema, Boston College
Deborah Weaver, Boston College
Gregory Aftandilian, Boston University
Christopher Anderson, Boston University and Northeastern University
Lesley Andrews, Boston University
Ron Baard, Boston University
Tamala Bakkensen, Boston University
Diane Balser, Boston University
Elaine Barlas, Boston University and Suffolk University
Jessie Beers-Altman, Boston University and Emerson College
Amy Bennett-Zendzian, Boston University
Eugene Benson, Boston University
Michael Birenbaum Quintero, Boston University
Harrel Blatt, Boston University
Rebecca Bourgault, Boston University
Deborah Breen, Boston University
Barry Brodsky, Boston University, Lesley University and Emerson College
Sarah Campbell, Boston University
Ray Carney, Boston University
Rick Cresta, Boston University
Antoinette Delmonico, Boston University
Douglas DeNatale, Boston University
Jeffrey DiIuglio, Boston University, Lesley University and Northeastern University
Marilyn Downs, Boston University
Gary Duehr, Boston University and Bunker Hill Community College
Jack Dziamba, Boston University
Robert Engley, Boston University
Leslie Epstein, Boston University
Daniela Fagnani, Boston University
Adam Felts, Boston University
Richard Fine, Boston University
John Gates, Boston University
Barbara Gottfried, Boston University
Ali Guermazi, Boston University
Shahla Haeri, Boston University
Ginna Hall, Boston University
Shaikh Hamid, Boston University
Ron Harding, Boston University
Elizabeth Hatch, Boston University
Anna Henchman, Boston University
Amanda Hennessey, Boston University
Paula Hennessey, Boston University
Carolyn Hodges, Boston University
Barry Horwitz, Boston University and Emerson College
Daniel Hudder, Boston University
Dan Hunter, Boston University
Ken Jacobson, Boston University
Stella Johnson, Boston University
Eitan Kaplan, Boston University
Ted Kehoe, Boston University
Somy Kim, Boston University
Melanie Kuhn, Boston University
Claudia Lach, Boston University
Hal LaCroix, Boston University
Gabriel Langfur, Boston University
Laurie LaPorte, Boston University
David Larson, Boston University and Framingham State University
Victoria Lazarova, Boston University
Mimi Lipson, Boston University
Faith Little, Boston University
Diana Lobel, Boston University
Michael Luke, Boston University
David Lyons, Boston University
Rosella Marino, Boston University
Greg Marinovich, Boston University and Harvard Summer School
William Marx, Boston University
John Maslanka, Boston University
James McCartney, Boston University
Bilaal McCloud, Boston University
Marie McDonough, Boston University
Liam Meyer, Boston University
Hiromi Miyagi-Lusthaus, Boston University
Graciela Mohamedi, Boston University
V. Moterle, Boston University
Mentor Mustafa, Boston University
Paul Nicoloro, Boston University
Sigrid Nunez, Boston University
Prince Obiri-Mainoo, Boston University
Pontus Olofsson, Boston University
Bayla Ostrach, Boston University
Arlene Ovalle-Child, Boston University
Anna Panszczyk, Boston University
Paul Pelan, Boston University
Daniel Ranalli, Boston University
Joelle Renstrom, Boston University
Ukumbwa Sauti, Boston University
Rachel Schneider, Boston University, University of Massachusetts-Boston and MCPHS University
Parker Shipton, Boston University
Alan Smith, Boston University
Jonathan Surmacz, Boston University
Linda Sutherland, Boston University
Hal Tepfer, Boston University
Zlatko Vasilkoski, Boston University
Susan Vik, Boston University
Dawne Vogt, Boston University
Garland Waller, Boston University
Michelle Walsh, Boston University
Nimi Wariboko, Boston University
Abraham Waya, Boston University
Christopher Abrams, Brandeis University and Framingham State University
Sarita Bhalotra, Brandeis University
Winston Bowman, Brandeis University
Matthew Boxer, Brandeis University
Elizabeth Bradfield, Brandeis University
Charles Brooks, Brandeis University
Laura Brown, Brandeis University
Whitman Brown, Brandeis University
Mary Baine Campbell, Brandeis University
Ari Davidow, Brandeis University
Stanley Deser, Brandeis University
William Ellet, Brandeis University
Steve Freedman, Brandeis University
Margaret (Maggie) Huff-Rousselle, Brandeis University and MCPHS University
Keridwen Luis, Brandeis University and Harvard University
Kathleen McQueeney, Brandeis University and Boston College
Sarah Mead, Brandeis University
Robert Meyer, Brandeis University
Steven Pieragastini, Brandeis University
Kelley Ready, Brandeis University
Benjamin Sherman, Brandeis University
Dawn Skorczewski, Brandeis University
Elisabeth Stucklen, Brandeis University
Marc Weinberg, Brandeis University
Curt Woolhiser, Brandeis University
Amber Edwards, Bridgewater State University
Meghan Healy-Clancy, Bridgewater State University
Michele Hassler, Bunker Hill Community College
Clayton T. Ryan, Bunker Hill Community College
Clare Niven-Blowers, Cape Cod Community College and Bunker Hill Community College
Betsy Smith, Cape Cod Community College
David Bell, Clark University
Nigel Brissett, Clark University
Jennifer Lyons, Clark University
Mary Ellen Morris, Clark University and University of New Hampshire
James Murphy, Clark University
Florencia Sangermano, Clark University
Marianne Sarkis, Clark University
Gregory Trencher, Clark University
Iris Yolanda Van Derdys-Ortiz, College of Our Lady of the Elms and Springfield College
Claudia Chierichini, College of the Holy Cross
Thomas Doughton, College of the Holy Cross
Diana Dukhanova, College of the Holy Cross
Jonathan Harris, College of the Holy Cross
Elizabeth Inman, College of the Holy Cross
Alvaro Jarrin, College of the Holy Cross
Todd Lewis, College of the Holy Cross
Adele Parker, College of the Holy Cross
Juan Ramos, College of the Holy Cross
Thibaut Schilt, College of the Holy Cross
Lihua Wang, College of the Holy Cross
Marguerite White, College of the Holy Cross
Jonathan Young, College of the Holy Cross
Mohammad Agwa, Curry College, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Framingham State University and Lasell College
Emily MacIntyre, Curry College and Simmons College
Terry Mayors, Curry College
Nic Brynolfson, Emerson College, School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Brecken Chinn, Emerson College
Ken Grout, Emerson College and Wheelock College
Jackie Hall, Emerson College
Jose I Alvarez Fernandez, Emmanuel College
Rose De Luca, Emmanuel College
Meryl Levin, Emmanuel College
Michelle Maiese, Emmanuel College
Beverly Brennan-Overberg, Endicott College
Arthur Burt, Endicott College and North Shore Community College
Janet Burt, Endicott College and North Shore Community College
Peter Delani, Endicott College
John Donovan, Endicott College, Emerson College and Wentworth Institute of Technology
Jean Dyer, Endicott College
Stephen Haley, Endicott College
Taylor Harnisch, Endicott College and Mount Ida College
Jim Kimball, Endicott College
Nancy Lee-Jones, Endicott College
Stephen Moore, Endicott College, Boston College and Eastern Nazarene College
Annalyssa Gypsy Murphy, Endicott College and North Shore Community College
Richard Oxenberg, Endicott College
Robert Rodriguez, Endicott College
Margaret Young, Endicott College
Denise M Campoli, Gordon College
Angie Cornwell, Gordon College
Moises Park, Gordon College
Bryan Parys, Gordon College
Diana Schor, Gordon College
Kimberly Chang, Hampshire College
Peter Gilford, Hampshire College
Heather Madden, Hampshire College
Gojko Barjamovic, Harvard University
Kevin Caffrey, Harvard University
John Dowling, Harvard University
James Fitchett, Harvard University, Endicott College and Merrimack College
John Guinan, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thouis Jones, Harvard University
Josephine Kim, Harvard University
Susan Lanzoni, Harvard University
E. Schussler, Harvard University
Lorraine Hammond, Lasell College
Edward Sieh, Lasell College
Kristin Wivagg, Lasell College and Mass Bay Community College
Ken Beck, Lesley University
Amanda Bigelow, Lesley University
David Collins, Lesley University and Wellesley College
Paul Crowley, Lesley University
Norah Dooley, Lesley University
Charlene Douglas, Lesley University
Donna Halper, Lesley University
Stephen Harrington, Lesley University
Christine Harrison, Lesley University
Richard Healy, Lesley University, Southern New Hampshire University and Daniel Webster College
Santiago Hernandez, Lesley University and Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Julianne Hertz, Lesley University
Archer Israel, Lesley University
Nella LaRosa-Waters, Lesley University
Timothy Lineaweaver, Lesley University
Dalia Llera, Lesley University
Raquel Lopez, Lesley University
M Gretchen McBride, Lesley University
George Milkowski, Lesley University
Celia Morris, Lesley University
David Nurenberg, Lesley University
Jennifer O'Neil, Lesley University, Endicott College and Simmons College
Mary Clare Powell, Lesley University
Eleanor Roffman, Lesley University
Walter Schnyder, Lesley University and Wentworth Institute of Technology
Eugene Slason, Lesley University
Sarah Slavick, Lesley University
Julie Smith, Lesley University
Sidney Trantham, Lesley University
Beth Williams-Breault, Lesley University
Joseph Ethiet, Massachusetts Bay Community College
Jean Ormaza, Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Northeastern University
Florian Hollerweger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jean Jackson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Elaine Kwon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Elena Ruehr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The Boston Conservatory
Frank Solomon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Debra Crandell, MCPHS University
Mary Potorti, MCPHS University and Emerson College
Karen Robbins, MCPHS University, Boston University and Emerson College
Paul Antonellis, Merrimack College
Rita Barry-Corke, Merrimack College
Kathleen Cain, Merrimack College
Anthony Daigle, Merrimack College
Sara Egan, Merrimack College, Boston Architectural College and Wentworth Institute of Technology
Ed Engelmann, Merrimack College and Bridgewater State University
John Giordano, Merrimack College
Mary Kantor, Merrimack College
Rob Koegel, Merrimack College
Rachael Longo, Merrimack College
Thomas Nolan, Merrimack College
Rebecca Norris, Merrimack College
Krista Olsen, Merrimack College and North Shore Community College
Betsy Salerno, Merrimack College
Kathleen Smith, Merrimack College
Raechel Tiffe, Merrimack College
Deborah Baiano Berman, Middlesex Community College (MA), Lasell College and Southern New Hampshire University
Jonathan Bennett, Middlesex Community College (MA) and Gordon College
Timothy Harney, Montserrat College of Art
Elif Babul, Mount Holyoke College
Daniel Czitrom, Mount Holyoke College
Nicole Doerr, Mount Holyoke College
Stephen Jones, Mount Holyoke College
Geoffrey Sumi, Mount Holyoke College
Claudine Metrick, Mount Ida College, Bunker Hill Community College and the Community College of Rhode Island
Elizabeth Otten-Chen, Mount Ida College
Paul Crowley, Mount Wachusett Community College
Marsha Pomeroy, Mount Wachusett Community College
Heidi Silkey, Mount Wachusett Community College
Arana Fireheart, Newbury College and Pine Manor College
Stephanie Schorow, Newbury College and Regis College
Hans Despain, Nichols College
Susan Wayman, Nichols College
Edward Alessi, Northeastern University and Middlesex Community College (MA)
Casey Alexander, Northeastern University
Nicole Aljoe, Northeastern University
Wonhee An, Northeastern University
Janee J. Baugher, Northeastern University
Lori Bechard, Northeastern University
Jonathan Benda, Northeastern University
Ryan Benson, Northeastern University, Simmons College and MCPHS University
Gerald Bergevin, Northeastern University
Mary Boehmer, Northeastern University, Bunker Hill Community College and Framingham State University
Mariusz Bojarczuk, Northeastern University and Bunker Hill Community College
James Branden, Northeastern University
Vincent Capone, Northeastern University
Prisca Castanyer, Northeastern University
Wan Jiun Chiou, Northeastern University
Barbara Conley, Northeastern University
Barbara Corbett, Northeastern University, Lesley University and Tufts University
Carlos Cruz, Northeastern University and Simmons College
Ryszard Czerminski, Northeastern University
Jessica D'Atri, Northeastern University
Patricia Davidson, Northeastern University
Annabel Dodd, Northeastern University
Kelly Dowley, Northeastern University
Tara Duffy, Northeastern University
Diana Erinna, Northeastern University
Mahdi Farhani Monfared, Northeastern University, Suffolk University and Framingham State University
Loni Feinberg, Northeastern University
Anne Fleche, Northeastern University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Marcial Flores, Northeastern University
Pete Fraunholtz, Northeastern University
Kevin Freeley, Northeastern University
Philip Gasper, Northeastern University
Sandra Geer, Northeastern University
Margaret Hahn-DuPont, Northeastern University
David Hardesty, Northeastern University
Sarah Hastings, Northeastern University
Matthew Heins, Northeastern University and Rhode Island School of Design
David Herlihy, Northeastern University
Daniel Hudon, Northeastern University
Jeff Hull, Northeastern University
Sung Bae Jeon, Northeastern University
David P Lang, Northeastern University
Duane Lefevre, Northeastern University and Emerson College
Tun Lwin, Northeastern University
Vaso Lykourinou, Northeastern University
Yvonne Macrae, Northeastern University
Haley Malm, Northeastern University
Deborah Milbauer, Northeastern University
R. Kent Millard, Northeastern University
Rachael Mongerson, Northeastern University
Daryl Morazzini, Northeastern University
Edward Murphy, Northeastern University
David Ober, Northeastern University and Wentworth Institute of Technology
Michael Penzo, Northeastern University and Bridgewater State University
Cal Ramsdell, Northeastern University
Suzanne Richard, Northeastern University and Mount Ida College
Sandra Sarni, Northeastern University
Jennifer Sartori, Northeastern University
Derek Scheips, Northeastern University
Hans Schwartz, Northeastern University
William Shimer, Northeastern University and Wentworth Institute of Technology
Michael Silverman, Northeastern University, Bunker Hill Community College, Merrimack College, University of Massachusetts-Boston, University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Andrew Spano, Northeastern University
Lisa St. Laurent, Northeastern University
Geoff Tarulli, Northeastern University
Penelope Taylor, Northeastern University
Paula Vosburgh, Northeastern University
Belinda Walzer, Northeastern University
Erienne Weine, Northeastern University
Melissa Wolter-Gustafson, Northeastern University
Paul White, Northern Essex Community College and Quincy College
Anne Alexander, Pine Manor College
Jesse Boliver, Pine Manor College
Mark Rosenberg, Pine Manor College and Bentley University
Pamela Vautour, Pine Manor College
Carolyn Wirth, Pine Manor College
Michelle Ashley, Quincy College
Maria Calkins, Quinsigamond Community College and Becker College
Heather Jacob, Regis College
Kevin Aylmer, Roxbury Community College and Laboure College
Julianne Gearhart, Roxbury Community College
Lori Ambacher, Salem State University and Gordon College
Amy McGlothlin, Salem State University and Gordon College
Carole Biewener, Simmons College
Susan Brostrup-Jensen, Simmons College and Wheelock College
Kimberlee Cloutier-Blazzard, Simmons College
Robin Haas, Simmons College
Margaret Hanni, Simmons College
Suzanne Hecker, Simmons College
Gail Jones, Simmons College
Michelle Kweder, Simmons College
Susan Neagle-Levy, Simmons College
Terrence Nicholson, Simmons College
Laura Prieto, Simmons College
John Roberts, Simmons College
Cassandra Saitow, Simmons College
Jo Trigilio, Simmons College
Kristin Vollrath, Simmons College
David Ball, Smith College
George Fleck, Smith College
Amanda Herman, Smith College
Ann Leone, Smith College
Renata Pienkawa, Smith College
Kim Stauffer, Smith College
Robert Fiore, Springfield College
Lethuy Hoang, Springfield College
Judy VanRaalte, Springfield College
Anna Brecke, Stonehill College
Lee Farrow, Stonehill College
Bonnie Pomfret, Stonehill College
Ana Popa, Stonehill College
Estelle Wenson, Stonehill College and Bridgewater State University
Lawrence Overlan, Suffolk University
Anne Cantu, Tufts University
Christine Cousineau, Tufts University
Patricia Di Silvio, Tufts University
Charles Dietrick, Tufts University
Linda Garant, Tufts University
Michelle Gaudette, Tufts University
Marie Gillette, Tufts University
Ekaterina Gnedenko, Tufts University
Laurie Goldman, Tufts University
Geraldine Grimm, Tufts University, Boston College, Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Extension School
Pam Haltom, Tufts University
Jane Hershey, Tufts University and Longy School of Music of Bard College
Peggy Hutaff, Tufts University
Sibyl Johnston, Tufts University
Rebecca Kaiser Gibson, Tufts University
Andy Klatt, Tufts University
Peter Kronberg, Tufts University
Elizabeth Lemons, Tufts University
Penn Loh, Tufts University
John Lurz, Tufts University
Teresa Marcelin, Tufts University
Daniel McCusker, Tufts University
Nancy Petrov, Tufts University
Kate Risse, Tufts University
Amelie Rorty, Tufts University and Harvard University
Claire Schub, Tufts University
Patricia Smith, Tufts University and Suffolk University
Sheriden Thomas, Tufts University
Viola Thomas, Tufts University
Robert Trant, Tufts University
Anne Gershenson, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Marian Mesrobian MacCurdy, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Robert Weir, University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Smith College
Helen Bellenoit, University of Massachusetts-Boston and Simmons College
Kurt Klopmeier, University of Massachusetts-Boston
Abby Machson-Carter, University of Massachusetts-Boston
Matthew Pustz, University of Massachusetts-Boston and Endicott College
Ellen Martins, University of Massachusetts-Lowell and Gordon College
James Worthley, University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Bridget Belgiivine, Wellesley College
António Igrejas, Wellesley College
Benjamin Vining, Wellesley College
Elizabeth Young, Wellesley College
Vladimir Atryzek, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Berklee College of Music, MCPHS University and Suffolk University
Vasilka Shopova, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Lasell College and MCPHS University
Bonni Alpert, Western New England University
Thomas Hull, Western New England University
Brad Sullivan, Western New England University
Ken Mondschein, Westfield State University and American International College
Patrick Pritchett, Westfield State University and University of Hartford
Patrick Johnson, Wheaton College
Domingo Ledezma, Wheaton College
Claudia Ward-de Leon, Wheaton College
George Watson, Wheaton College and Roger Williams University
Marianne Adams, Wheelock College and Lesley Universtiy
Edmund Campos, Wheelock College
Marcia Folsom, Wheelock College
Denise Hamilton, Wheelock College
Charles Hill, Wheelock College and Emmanuel College
Alexis Ladd, Wheelock College
Edwin Shriver, Wheelock College
Scott Votel, Wheelock College
Zaid Adhami, Williams College
Patrick Barber, Williams College
Ashley Barnes, Williams College
Barry Goldstein, Williams College
David Kechley, Williams College
Sophie Saint-Just, Williams College
Alex Willingham, Williams College
Mohamed Brahimi, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Worcester State University
James Dempsey, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Deborah Gray, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Melissa-Sue John, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Tina-Marie Ranalli, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Shamsnaz Virani, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
John Zeugner, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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