SEIU Local 509


Tired of corporations and the wealthiest 1% dominating the political process?

Tired of politicians whose answer to everything is: cut social services, give tax breaks to the rich, and break up unions?

It’s time to level the playing field for working families at the State House and on Capitol Hill!

With COPE, the Committee on Political Education, we have that voice. By pooling our resources, we can fight back against the corporate agenda and win improvements for ourselves, our clients, and our families.

COPE is part of SEIU Local 509 and serves as our political action fund. Money contributed to COPE goes directly toward electing pro-worker, pro-labor politicians as well as working for or against ballot measures that would affect our union.

Fill out the information to the right to request that a card be sent to you so that you can contribute to COPE and work with us to elect pro-worker politicians.